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Private on-site training

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Private on-site training

Doing in-house training as an entire, unified sales team becomes a significant event in the life of an organization! Young salespeople interact and learn from veterans. Veterans are re-energized and motivated. The entire team gets on the same page. Custom video-recorded role-playing allows improvement on specific weaknesses and focus on unique competitive challenges! Plus, the team is equipped and motivated for the increased expectations placed on them in a challenging and uncertain economy. 

Don will drive home the basics and fundamentals in such a way that the material becomes a part of the attendee’s daily regimens, practice and career! Sales people will engage in Don’s training for days without losing interest or focus. Don’s personal role-play critiques and insights during the dynamic, interactive training events produce acceptance and results that follow. He can adapt and customize each event to your unique industry, company, internal tools (e.g. CRM), team and culture.



Training Programs Available

The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession™

A complete curriculum for sales professional career development


Sales Professional Negotiation™

Advanced strategic and tactical skill to help protect margins under pressure


Sales Professional Organizations™

Basic selling skills for sales support to help everyone appropriately reinforce and sell your value


(Don can also provide keynotes, sales meeting workshops, and webinars. Available booking dates are limited.)


Option: CERTIFICATION to deliver the course with your trainer(s) and Train-The-Trainer is also an excellent option! Our curriculum Teaching Guides are designed for consistent delivery and include all PowerPoints with lecture videos, and seminar materials.

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We have to do everything better.
We have to practice better. . .
We have to finish games better. . .
The importance of training camp in laying your foundation is critical.
— Jason Garrett (Coach of Dallas Cowboys)