Sales Professional Training

Proven Sales training and skills development

For individuals and the entire sales team!


Welcome Sales Leaders - and both seasoned and rookie sales professionals!

What do professional athletes do every year? They TRAIN on fundamentals – strategies, systems, offense, and defense.

And they practice the basics (and run plays) until they are instinctive, automatic, habit.  Only then can they expect to go past mere talent or desire and actually execute consistently . . . and even brilliantly!

  • Professional athletes train and practice.

  • Accomplished musicians train and practice.

  • Battle-ready soldiers train and practice.

  • Why not Sales Professionals?

Winners Execute Fundaments Skillfully...By HABIT

Here is what Sales Professional Training offers you and your company:


Comprehensive curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum that has been proven over the last two decades. Consultative value selling for outside and inside sales professionals giving your reps and account managers the strategic and tactical selling skills they need.

Tools and Disciplines

Courses that include practical, adaptable tools and disciplines to direct and equip sales professionals for sales success. The tools easily integrate and adapt to your CRM or internal sales management systems.

Sustainable Sales System

Training that sets the stage for continued practice and skill development - not a one-time-shot or hype. The Structure, tools, and disciplines (Std.) of this curriculum become your standard sales language - your culture.

Continuous Improvement

Training carefully designed to be coached and reinforced ongoing by sales management for continuous individual and corporate improvement! Initiates ongoing practice for personal sales mastery!

No hokey tips or tricks.

No slick sales trainer touting secrets to being as successful as he or she was. Just clear direction and hard work on the basics, the fundamentals. Credible selling skill development that focuses on the learner.


Cost effective training delivery options including (E-Learning) to get the entire sales and support team the training and development essential in today’s highly competitive market. Individuals can complete courses on-line or on your LMS.


Truly, I have never known a really successful person who deep in their heart did not understand the grind, the discipline it takes to win.
— Vince Lombardi


By standardizing this proven curriculum, you will provide fundamental skills and tools for improved interaction and maximized results from every sales call. This training implements a formal sales system and process that equips with strategic and tactical tools. Instilling pre-call planning is an integral part of this training. 

Amidst the overwhelming flood of sales training fads, promises and rhetoric you found Sales Professional Training. Anyone who has completed this training, and any company that has implemented this curriculum as their corporate sales culture will attest to the effectiveness, credibility, and adaptability to all selling situations and environments! But for you to really believe that – you need to experience it first hand. Our guarantee frees you of any risk you may fear!

Your search for that ideal sales training you envisioned is right in front of you and it is so easy to start!

If this sales training is for yourself, you can access it and begin today! (E-Learning training option)

If you are searching for training and a sustainable system for your team, the following risks and unknowns are eliminated:

  • Budgeting a huge travel investment to bring the team together. Coordinating busy calendars.

  • Hoping the trainer you stick in front of them is well-received. You must be sure the delivery is as promised or expected. (You have heard the horror stories).

With Sales Professional Training you can scout the complete course with selected salespeople and then . . . roll it out to the entire team! Training initiative solved. (E-Learning training option)


Training Programs Available

The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession™

A complete curriculum for sales professional career development

Sales Professional Negotiation™

Advanced strategic and tactical skill to help protect margins under pressure

Sales Professional Organizations™

Basic selling skills for sales support to help everyone appropriately reinforce and sell your value