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The SELL Process book

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About the Book

The SELL Process was written to help anyone and everyone sell skillfully. If you have an objective with another person, the simple process offered in this book provides the framework to prepare and execute that interaction. As you read this book, you can initially apply the process by starting with an actual selling interaction that you are facing—or will face. As this book walks you through each step of the SELL Process, you will discover that it can become your personal tool to help you get results and action with other people.

All selling involves dynamic interaction between people. Tactical selling—the actual interaction with customers—is where sales are won or lost. Mastering the SELL Process is a must for career sales professionals. From territory sales, to telesales, to retail­—it all involves interaction. Sadly, many salespeople have been trained in product, application, presentation, territory, etc.—yet so few have received training in the process of selling.

For those who are not necessarily in a sales career, the SELL Process can also equip you. You may have noticed that many of your everyday interactions with people are actually selling interactions.

This book will prepare you, and in turn provide confidence, for successful sales.


This book is available as a hardbound cover or an E-Book. Click the link to get the book today! It is a perfect supplement to all of our training courses since The SELL Process is a foundational component of our curriculum. NOTE: The E-book is included free with any E-Learning course registration!